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Whether you’re looking to create a memorial, monument, headstone, or gravestone, consider a reflection stone that can be a great gift for the living as well as a beautiful memory for someone who has passed. Use your own personal photo, pick one of our laser designs, or from our precision graphic carving designs.

Reflection Stones allow you to express your love permanently in natural granite stone. A person’s treasured memories, gifts, lessons, notable moments, and passion for life can be personalized in a special gift or tribute. You can express the gift of life and love through symbolism, written word, and design. Through Reflection Stones Carving Technology, you can combine photos, graphics, text, size, and color to create the perfect commemorative for your loved one. Perfect for the home, garden, or cabin. Some folks even create their one-of-a-kind ultimate “Home Address Plaque” to be hung outside their front door.

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