“I Feel Blessed to Do This”: Bonnie Eskuri Brings Family Feeling to Create A Legacy in Stone

A natural-born people-person, Bonnie Eskuri feels called to her role at Create A Legacy in Stone.

“It just gives me so much joy to help people,” Eskuri said.

Bonnie has been with Create A Legacy in Stone for six years. She accepted a receptionist position at the granite company primarily as a way to keep busy after her grown children had all left the nest, but it has since grown into much more than a day job.

Prior to her time behind the desk at Create A Legacy in Stone, Eskuri was a stay-at-home-mom to her two children and later became a special needs paraprofessional at her children’s school.

“Being on the front line, the first to talk to people, the first to greet them — I love coming into work [to do that,]” Eskuri said. “I love people, from when I worked with little people all the way up.”

Individual portrait of Bonnie

She describes her work then and now as “very different, yet very similar in certain ways.” In both chapters of her life, she worked with people navigating times of change, discovery, and big feelings.

“I’m a very caring and compassionate person, so it’s great for me to be [at the front desk] and to be that person for our customers. I feel like that’s a calling for me,” she said.

But her biggest calling in life is undoubtedly her family. Married for 35 years and now grandmother to a 9-month-old grandson, Eskuri calls her family her “number-one, first love in [her] life.” They share a passion for the same interests, particularly running.

“I used to bike a lot — I hated running,” she laughed. “Then I met my husband, and he would run 12 miles a day. I started biking alongside him on his runs, and eventually started running myself.”

a runner on an empty paved road through the trees

Eskuri has since run a total of four full marathons and as many as eight half marathons. She enjoys the opportunity to get outdoors, clear her mind and move her body.

“If I’ve had a rough day, I can leave it on the pavement!” Eskuri said.

While Eskuri acknowledges that working in the memorial business can sometimes be emotionally challenging, she said the difficult days are few and far between thanks to her supportive coworkers and positive attitude.
“I’m very lucky to work with people who are very fun and we know we have to keep it light!” she said.

With each customer interaction, Eskuri strives to meet them with the same warmth and compassion she feels for her own family. She tries her best to listen and to help them in any way she can, the way she’d want others to for her husband, children or grandchild.

“Yesterday, there was a customer who wanted a physical photo [of a product] but didn’t want to leave their loved one’s side, so I delivered it [to them.] Today, a rose arrived for me,” she said. “I truly believe that if you go above and beyond, it comes back around. I feel blessed to do this.”